*CUTS Exclusive Premier of “On Fire” by Noahplause above*

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Music tends to be so far in the forefront for an artist, that we sometimes forget how special the actual artist is. So much so, that before we even have the slightest clue of their appearance, we mentally graph a sketch of what they may look like based upon sound alone. Now think of how shallow of an idea that is, and apply it to how much we actually know about an artists true character and ambitions. Noahplause, an Electronic Musician from Toronto, strives to gear our bodies into party-mode as the LED’s shine across the crowd, however, off stage, Noah’s ideologies of the music industry are just as honorable as the vibes he contributes to it.

Noahplause’s success has reached the headphones of many listeners across the Electronic Community. The instrumentation of Noah’s music connects an alteration of electro-sounds with a heavy embodiment of classic Trap and EDM elements. To know WHEN the climatic buildup that resonates in the core of EDM is coming, is nowhere near as important to HOW the actual drop unravels. While hard-style bass bumps are the bread and butter for most production, the ham and cheese of Noah’s style is embedded in his skillful sense of percussion and his tremendous attention to a tracks finer details. On a structural level the music is progressively proper- but the correlation between classic and contemporary in Noah’s style is by far the greatest attribute of his workmanship. When the sounds of shell casings hitting the ground become a part of your dance experience, it should be a sin to not unload your stress and get it poppin’.IMG_3196-Edit

Hopes of Electronic Equality

We live in an age where connections reign supreme, and the character building idiom of hard work tends to get thrown to the wayside. The “who you know” and “what you are” titles in the Music Industry are known to overshadow the “what you do” and “how you do it” aspects of the game. In conversation, Noahplause mentioned to CUTS that he fights for a level playing field for all artists, specifically pertaining to gender privilege within Electronic Music.

“…It’s more difficult for them [women] based on negative and unjust stigma due to sexist tendencies especially when the assumption is made that there is always a man standing behind them making the moves.”Noahplause

Without a doubt, the distinction between man and woman in the fields of entertainment are drawn by a disillusioned perspective between talent and beauty. The attractiveness of an artist (especially in EDM) should not be the crutch that supports bad artistry, but furthermore, should not be exploited to the point it creates a stronger connection to physicality rather than any level of talent. Even when a female artist is beautiful, the eccentricity of her craft should peak at a higher level then the prepossessing traits of her person. Being self-made, determined, and hardworking are a collective of traits that will never be surpassed by exterior portrayals of elegance.

Kudos to you Noah, as we are grateful to have you as our November Artist Of The Month.