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Take Time ArtworkVancity singer and songwriter, RAIEL @raielmusic, has really put his talent to work in the song “Take Time” off of his newly released EP, “Muse“. The song combines the outward display of confidence needed to allure the girl you seek, but combats the chauvinistic misinterpretations with an oath of being careful, and “taking the time” to do right by her. RAIEL’s voice remains crisp and clear- flowing smoothly in the designed pocket of the uptempo melody. The lack of a repetitive chorus allows the extended verse to afflict all impact, ultimately sprinkling a hiphop-esque vibe to the entire piece. Although “Take Time” is just a fraction of the entire project, it is a great representation of what you’ll discover once you venture over to it. CUTS has formerly experienced RAIEL for the brilliant performer he is, and now, has had the opportunity to enjoy his skill as a recording artist.

Although this particular track executes a faster-paced feel, the essential slow vibes are presentĀ in Muse as well. Each songĀ is fundamentally dedicated to itself, with different styles and cadences to capture a particular essence. When viewed as a full body of work it is noteworthy to mention that each individual track has its own piece of artwork to represent it. Which not only adds to the quality of the presentation, but incorporates another artistic element to the project.


Check it out and let us know what you think.