Clarity Through Creativity

To display in words the pronounce professionalism of an esteemed writer, comes with a level of sophistication. It is one thing to admire from afar the existential resemblance of a writer’s work to your own, but to express its greatness in a tangible sense comes with quandaries. The idea of having a dream creates vulnerability, but when you see someone conquering those same terrors you are challenged with, it mentally paves a road to the strengths you have yet to obtain. Writing is a craft– a tool used to exhibit thoughts and emotions with the intent of connecting with the like emotions of others. Good writing unlocks exuberance from within its audience, derives passion from the depths of souls, and reaches out as if to truly understand the lives of individuals. Through that perspective alone, the amount of skill that Stella Mowen possesses has gone beyond the limitations of such presumptions.

An affluent author and Huffington Post contributor, Stella Mowen is a touching collection of warm writings and intimate prose.  The energy that radiates from Stella’s work draws the mind into the chasms of wonderment, and allures your character through personal openness. In July, 2015, Stella released an article on The Huffington Post entitled “20/2 Clarity: I Dream of Living a Life Worth Writing About”, which incorporates the differences between having a dream, and implementing a dream. Her ingression to the piece expresses a misunderstood view of life within the confines of the real world, in comparison to having a clear, “eagle eye” mentality in the dream world. Intrigued by the abstract-filtered Philo-Film “Waking Life”, Stella deduces her conscious moments as her “waking life” and invites us into her past experiences that led to the completion of her novel, “Until the Beat Stops”.

“Five years ago I dreamed of finishing my first novel, I dreamed of curing breast cancer, I dreamed of helping people live longer, I dreamed of sharing my friend’s and my stories, I dreamed of being happy inside and out.”– Stella Mowen via The Huffington Post

StellaMowen.tumblr.comWhile spending most of her days working in the TV/Film industry, and her nights writing in Seattle coffee shops- Stella also flexes her philanthropic muscles with her charity “The First Hill”, which, ten years ago, started out as an online platform geared toward helping breast cancer patients throughout their “waking lives”, but ultimately evolved into a stage for all to share their own compelling stories. In 2012, Stella traveled from Seattle to Cannon Beach, OR to indulge in the essence of nature. Along the way, the fulfillment from the timeless inspiration nature has to offer invoked closure to her novel, but furthermore, ignited the spark to the next installment of her life.

“Lush trees, ancient mountains, and the Pacific Ocean were the stage of my unscripted journey, as they had been for so many others before me traveling on the Lewis and Clark Trail.”– Stella Mowen via The Huffington Post

Most people search for happiness, while others create it from the inside. In the words of Seneca, “External goods are of trivial importance and without much influence in either direction: prosperity does not elevate the sage, and adversity does not depress him. For he has always made the effort to rely as much as possible on himself and to derive all delight from himself”, which mimics the pattern woven in Stella’s work. Fortune is a byproduct and Sorrow, an illusion– but what can either of those provide to a person who can create their own reality? A writer is one who embraces an artistic form to which the sole purpose is to take you away from the insecurities of the world, and bring you to a selected revelation.  Stella teaches us that the journey we embark on should set sail in the winds of imagination, ultimately creating the waves we wish for others to journey through. So regardless to if your dreams are merely inspirational, or by far the motivating force for your future, you must learn to release them out into the world in order for the true magic to begin…

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