AFTA BannerArtist x Two23
Album x Bidwell
Origin x Jersey City, NJ 

Between Ocean and Jackson

The appreciation for songs that contain low-frequency tones, but give the listener a “headnod sensation”- have become forgotten. In a world tastefully spoiled with high-frequency, the rhythm of deeper momentum awaits its turn in the batter’s box.  However, Jersey City native “Two23” has implemented a transitional style birthed through the eyes of a seasoned vet. With history as a Mixtape/Jersey Club DJ, the unique patterns buried within the confines of Chicago juke has taken his artistry as a whole, to a new level.  With DJ Rashad in the headphones and the likes of Scatta by your side, the creativity continues to flow with brilliance. Aside from being the street name Two23 grew up on, “Bidwell” is a collection of euphoric melodies and quick-step percussion, representing a great addition to the Jersey/Chicago resume. Big ups once again to the hometown for continuing to be artistic and innovative. And good work Two23, you officially passed the Champagnat Challenge, Congrats.