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Perfection Before Curfew

It is a rare moment when the Modeling World is able to catch a glimpse of a prodigy. Among the stoic lies the innocent arrival of a young lady destined to rival the greats. Whether or not you believe in fate, it is undeniable that sixteen year old Willow Sias (@mwa_willowsias) has been handpicked by an energy both you and I are yet to understand. So get out the Champagne(Cola) and toast to the youth, for they are most definitely the future.

Scouted by Heather Walker of MWA MGMT and M101- North Carolinian, Willow Sias, commands the lens with oceanic eyes and the jaw structure of Queens. Amongst various Catalog Shoots, Willow has most recently worked on a campaign for Jewelry Aficionados, “Walker & Son inc.” over in Richmond, VA. Her style is that of amity, provoking the eye with a glamorous poise that befuddles the mind of her true identity. An early high school grad and training Martial Artist, is proof that beauty, brain, and brawn can be rectified at any age. Willow is a true inspiration to both the Elite Fashion World and young women across the globe.

Hair, Makeup, and Styling by Heather Walker of " MWA - Models With Armor"

The integral parts that make Willow whole are directly connected with professionalism. She approaches each of her formal studies with the same attentiveness her fellow peers give to social media. She is disconnected from the fluff but focused both visually and mentally on the skills she has acquired. To have such mature attributes at such a young age allows her to propel at greater speeds through the crowds of teens wishing, rather than doing.  From charismatic physique to the strumming of a cello, Ms. Sias is the core meaning of Creativity Under The Surface– to which I am sure, will not be the case for long.

Hair, Makeup, and Styling by Heather Walker of "MWA - Models With Armor"

***Hair, Makeup, and Styling done by Heather Walker of (MWA – “Models With Armor”)***