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Two Days In Amaze

Experiencing the awe of fascination will render the laws of attraction inevitable. To be touched by creative pattern and eccentric design brings a level of appreciation to the artistic realms of the Elite Fashion World. Texture and Palette;  Ideas and Innovation; Product and Display- are all tools utilized by brilliant minds in an attempt to transcend dreams into reality. This is more than just a runway. This is art in motion entangled with a vibrant selection of genuine spirits and unfathomable passion to boot. When the lights are on and the stage is yours, you will understand what it truly means to be a part of Vancouver Fashion Week.

Viviano Sue x Tokyo, Japan

Maaji Swimwear x Medellin, Colombia

ZORANA JANJIC x Paris, France

CUTS teresa lindsayIt was for only a moment we became graced with perspective from a pinnacle.  The pace inside the entrance opposed the downtempo of the asphalt, but took its time to engage whoever was present. The staff smiled while handing out lanyards upon arrival, and gave directions to the lost. The venue was large- thoroughly sectioned into parts according to purpose, and dressed to suit the fancy of its creed. The wide stairs led up to a split that guided traffic to the Designer Interview Loft, the balcony to the show, and an artistic backdrop across an open hallway that connected the floor to a Featured Art Room. On the main level harbored a bar and coat check to the left, and to the right lay the Media Partner Room, a VFW backdrop, hallways to the restrooms and, of course, opposing doors on each side of the staircase leading to the Main Event. – Designer Teresa Lindsay (above) / Matt Hui x Hong Kong (Below)

MXN x Bellevue, WA

The event itself promenaded on the grounds of excellence. The models were a profound extension of the cerebral mind, demanding your attention as they glided towards the flash of the cameras. The floor was lit beneath their feet, giving clear satisfaction to the array of beautiful faces. The elegance of the onlookers blanketed the edges silently, and remained undivided between padded claps and the occasional whisper. Visions were being casted in designer form and livening the place to the fullest extent. Amongst the revel sat different shades of creativity, from the relaxing summer tones of Maaji Swimwear to the vibrant patterning of Canella Hostal, the presentation collectively captivated the entire room.

As the wine toasting sprinkled across the venue, there was more fun to be had. Participants of the crowd were called to the stage to show their moves to the cameras. They poked their chests out and made their debut on the VFW runway, and quite frankly, held their ground amidst the experienced competition. During the Intermissions, the audience gathered onto the runway to snap photos and shake hands, as the coordinators hustled to introduce the Designers and  Media Outlets to each other. Flocks swarmed over to the VFW Backdrop in the main hallway, awaiting their turn to take pictures for their personal portfolios. It is fair to say that every means for excitement were fulfilled, labeling our time at Vancouver Fashion Week a success.

The CUTS Team had an experience that will resonate in our souls for a lifetime. Special Thanks to Jamal Abdourahman (Founder of VFW), his assistant Yana Petrova and fellow coordinators Yada Mcllelan and Mo Zhou. We could not have asked for a more stunning experience…

More Photos from Vancouver Fashion Week Below

Videographer Mike Masilotti / Photographer Ryan Summers / Chief Editor Marvin Ryles