The Threads of Loyalty

Designed by the sartorial hand that is granted the joy of the finest fabrics… Rooted in the grounds of determination, and cultivated in the soil of a city rich in artistic growth and potential- Vancouver-based Clothing Brand Loyal Coalition has defined the standard for Premium Casual Wear.

Heather and Ami (Photo Cred. Ryan Summers)

The “Yin and Yang” of the Fashion Industry is defined by Trend and Innovation. Along the lines of any particular design, there must be an even exchange between cult and classic- and the resemblance of such an idea remains present with Loyal Coalition’s brand of style. When your body can taste the threads of organic material draped over it’s senses, it allures you towards comfort in casual appearance. Founders Heather Campbell and Ami DeMelo, represent a modern day journey that started as an online boutique and evolved into a Showroom  doused in quality, comfort, and stylistic divinity.

Gray and Red For All (Photo Cred. Ryan Summers)

The Eco Joggers and Hoodies are made from organic threads and flown over to Vancouver from NY State, and you’re all like “pshh whatever”, right up until the point you try them on. Plastic bottles and Natural Cottons have never felt better, and the idea itself instills a timeless attribute to the structural design of the fabric. Innovation in its purest form is the desired effect- while a scarf made of bamboo may not spark your interest, the authenticity and overall representation  is enough to intrigue the curious mind. If the question is “why?” then the answer, surely, is “why not?”. Look Good and Feel Good is the name of the game, and if that truly is the goal, then you are ready to experience the Threads of Loyalty.

Beanies (Photo Cred. Ryan Summers)


From Vancity to the PNW, all the way to the Tri-State.
An idea that represents a culture in creative ways will reign forever…

923 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada

More Pics of Our Visit to the Loyal Coalition Showroom Below

“In our particular case, water bottles (and other plastic) marked with a “1” are sent to recycling depots where they are cleaned, crushed and turned into a flake-like substance using water. This flake-like substance is dryed and a ‘polymerization’…” Read More

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