Living The Dream

Every opportunity you grasp to do the things you love, you must hold on to for dear life. Not in the sense of “being scared to let them go” like the first child off to college, but hold on to them with the notion that every opportunity is a chance to grow. The things you love, are the things you are– so if you do them with a progressive mentality, you begin to feel like you’re finally becoming free.


This past Sunday (9/27/15) Our In-House Photographer Ryan Summers @notsummers, and his Pretend Living Clothing colleague/Videographer Mike Masilotti @arsonismydog, hopped in the rig with myself and my Uncle Reggie (Reginald Edwards), and ventured over to good ole Vancity to visit one of the dopest events around- The Emotions Open Mic. The City of Vancouver is always so welcoming to us, and quite honestly, we enjoy the immense structural beauty Vancity has to offer, but truly admire the intricacy of the PEOPLE. Inside and out, we could not feel more at home…

When you have good people around you, and you work with them as not only colleagues but friends, you start to realize the impact it can have on your goal. Between myself, our Visual Director “True” @truethevillain and Lead East Coast Writer Nastasha @nasmerc (Who are Both in Jersey), and our unit from Seattle- we have truly become appreciative of the creative things people have to offer. Add in the idea that people appreciate what we do, and we all are a part of an unstoppable force.

Thank you Vancouver for being the place where talent flourishes, and people understand that creativity is important. We will be bringing you Exclusive Coverage of Vancouver Fashion Week in the next few days, as well as a Featured Print for Vancouver-Based Clothing Brand, Loyal Coalition. Until next time, Peace.