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Mallory Nance

Photo Cred- Jillian Sara

Locks of the Sun…
…Eyes of the Sea

There is an intrinsic value intertwined with being loved by the camera lens. To be captured in a moment of beauty grants the observer an immediate connection to the shot, as if to consume the energy that revolves around the model’s being. Mallory’s exquisiteness is a proportioned mixture of sensitive features and autonomous cosmetology. To experience Mallory Nance is as if to experience a smile- a natural feeling of joy that resonates throughout your core. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then  you must be blind to not appreciate such grand essence.

“Makeup artist Alyssa Soliz and model Mallory Nance battled the heat for the fun but sassy shoot. They captured the tough but fashionable image set forth by photographerJillian Sara.  All three nearly melted before finding an ice-cream truck. The only catch was that it had been out of commission for sometime. No matter, it made for some great images!” –  themakeupimaginarium.com (Video Below)

“The Love of Beauty in its Multiple Forms is the Noblest Gift of the Human Cerebrum” – Alexis Carrel

Model x Mallory Nance INSTAGRAM
Photographer x Jillian Sara INSTAGRAM