Song: “See You Again”/”Stay With Me” *Mash-Up*
Origin: Seattle/Miami

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Ambition and determination are the qualities of confident souls. When the voices of angels anoint you with their presence, the only thing left to do is enjoy the blessing. Johnny Rez and Tasha Wahlenberg separate themselves from the masses with charismatic intricacy and seasoned vocal tones that may very well rival your favorite vocalist. Their cover video is a Mash-Up to the chart topping singles “See You Again” and “Stay With Me”, and has transcended the grips of the traditional “Cover Song”- manifesting itself as an elite work of artistic talent. This is a solid representation of what it means to be more than just sound waves, in fact, the entire piece both visually and sonically relay an intriguing, personable experience. Like grandma’s chicken cutlets fresh off the stove, the best word to describe Johnny and Tasha: WELL SEASONED… Now grab the Ketchup/Mustard combo and enjoy.

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Video directed by Eddie Mariano
Produced by MPE Studios and Tony Grandson
Director of Photography: Xavier Mercado
Recording/Arrangement by Johnny Rez
Mix Engineer: Matthew James