10-Piece Combo with a Side of Soul

The suf band

“C’mon let me cook for you baby
Relax cuz’ I’m cleaning too…”

Excuse me Kamerra but, should we have doves or flowers at our wedding…?

The Suffers
 @thesuffers are packaged and gift wrapped with a golden bow of eccentricity. An immense quality that transcends the sonic spectrum is undeniably present within this 10-Piece band. This isn’t your round about Jam Band reenacting your favorite Sublime tunes, this is original content from a worldly array of creative talent. Between the bellowing of Gospel-inspired lungs and percussion from Latin-based roots, lies an oasis of classically trained elements and professional grade experience.

It is rather serendipitous to how The Suffers have attained a proper collective of talent. To learn about the members either teaching music, growing up in musical families, or have played in a multitude of bands for DECADES, is both fascinating and inspirational. There is a difference between knowing HOW to play music, and knowing how to PLAY MUSIC– so you can learn by watching, or can very well be taught in a technical sense by The Suffers. Some people create music, and others simply make it. If you do not understand what I mean, you obviously have not hit play yet. From touring around the country, all the way to performing on Late Night with David Letterman, there is a movement to move with, and you should get familiar.


You really want to support Independent Musicians, or do you just talk a good game? Don’t tell me.