Jakai and the Two Thieves

Allow me to play the role of King James (not LeBron) for a second, to make you understand “GodBlessTheGlo”. In this version of modern music scripture, Andre Jakai @AndreJakai blends the ferocity of Exodus with the contentment of the New Testament. This is symbolism at its best, so for all those unfamiliar with the story of “Jesus and the Two Thieves”- get familiar by paying attention.

Oh Boy” is a chapter in the inspired text of Andre Jakai. From the second his voice hits your ears, you can feel the immense energy he has for the divinity of Hip-Hop. The link between Artistic Creativity and Biblical Reference is represented in the form of dope rhymes and brilliant production.  Check it…

Andre stands in the middle of the two masked men who rock opposing colors.
*Jesus was crucified in between two Thieves (who were also being crucified) in the Story of Luke*

One of the masked men in the video is seen lighting a flame in every scene, while the other stares off.
*The “Impenitent Thief” on one side of Jesus was a nonbeliever, destined for Hell. While the “Penitent Thief” on the opposite side,  asked for repentance and was granted the Kingdom of Heaven*

Andre holds a “Large Branch” throughout most of the video, which represent the “Bachal Isu” better known as the “Staff of Jesus”.

Andre is spreading truth to the people in verse form… Sound Familiar?

“What you ain’t heard? Niggas killin’ for nothing/ I’m from where you get f*cked over assumptions/ Pussy should’ve never got em’ twitter-subbing, we don’t believe in no twitter thuggin’/ Get faced to faced, they wanna dap you now/ Act like they don’t know what you talkin’ bout/ But on the phone with the girls steady runnin’ his mouth/ People always talk the most shit of what they know nothing about.”

He may not be the second coming of Christ (pause), but Andre is definitely the resurrection of dope talent.

Peep the whole Project below.