Song: SHITONYOU (Prod. by Idle Kid)
Origin: Little Rock, AR
Network: SoundCloud

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Little Rock, Arkansas? Surprised me too. Rapping elite from Foredise Records, Goon des Garcons is out for blood judging by his latest video. Starting off on a horror movie note dropping into 3 minutes of him on a guitar swing telling you how you got this all fucked up with a hook that sounds like it came from Pharrell himself.

Let’s take it back two summers
Goon des living at crib with his fuckin’ mama
No job, student loans, and my phone with the drama
So what the hell am I supposed to do when they asking me for the commas?

Look like Goon des is going to have to shit…on you, and that he did. Check out his newest project titled YOUNGDIRTYBASTARD on Soundcloud now.