2012 gave birth to an entity that will later be known as a staple in NY Fashion. A brand that fits comfortably on the backs of more than just the common urbanite, and dually solidifies itself as more than just the common brand. If you walk around the City for half a minute and don’t see something affiliated with Villainous NY, then sorry to tell you but, you got off at the wrong stop.

Owner “Gus” @VillainousNewYork has been pushing Villainous NY to a higher peak than the purest Pineapple Express. “More than just a clothing brand” is cliché, in comparison to the immense impact Villainous has had in the realms of music and media. Villainous has connected musicians to producers, skaters to photographers- has reached the photos of celebrities, and represents a culture that manifests in the heart of NY. With the trademark slogan “Eat. Shit. Die. Stay Villainous”, you can figure that the brand entices the “Counter-Culture” of individuals not looking to affiliate with magenta skinny jeans or corduroy slacks, instead, it renders itself whole as a lifestyle alternative to “trying to be fashion-y” fashion. Continue to wear your fedoras and blazers, but leave your girlfriend’s jeans in your girlfriend’s drawer.

Pshhh. But what have they done???

Funny you should ask. Amongst being draped over Kool A.D. of rap group “Das Racist” and Bronx Lyricist “Al-Doe”, VLNSNY  has caught spotlight amongst names such as hip-hop mega site “Nah Right” and BKLYN STICKUP. Villainous has also sponsored shows at “Paperbox NYC” for artists “Crysto Martyr” and “Camille Safiya”, in conjunction with “ONYS”.  If that isn’t enough, VLNS is in the making of a fitted hat alongside “New Era 59Fifty”, as well as working with “FRKO” who is known for working most notably, with Action Bronson.  Even after all the mountains the company has conquered, it remains feasible for the pockets of those looking to rock dope threads.

Remember, “More than just a clothing brand” is cliché, when you factor in the workings of a company that services Music Showcasing and Artist Development, Printing and Sourcing for musicians and start-up businesses, and still remains relevant as a clothing brand in both the NY streets as well as the paparazzi lens. Call me crazy, but Villainous NY has it all. You may already be acquainted with the art which is VLNSNY, but believe when I say, you don’t have to be from NY to Eat. Shit. Die. And Stay VILLAINOUS.