Song: UGF
Origin: Hartford, CT
Network: SoundCloud

AFTA BannerVee Skeeno isn’t someone who can be described by a precedent. I can’t say he sounds like someone you already know and I’m sure it’s because he’s defining a road on which only he stands. He wears vintage, no flashy labels, but full of style. He could be your image consultant if he didn’t have an obvious skill to harbor and hone to perfection to put Hartford in the spotlights.

I initially ran across a track of his titled ODB which was great with a dark vibe and legit style, and his separation from the typical was already apparent. Fast forward a year later and we see Vee Skeeno in a new light with an exponential growth in lyrics and maturity. Titled UGF, an acronym for Undeniably Good Freestyle, and he’s undeniably right about that. Listen as he travels through a parking lot with his team, The Voyagers, behind him as he barrages you with a lyrical attack that will have you reconsider your flashiness and open your consciousness.

Keep checking back for updates, we’re going to touch base with Vee Skeeno before his new drop later in September.