Song: Jon B
Origin: Ellicott City, Maryland
Network: SoundCloud

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As I was typing an email in an attempt to set up a photo shoot with model Willow Sias, I stumbled across something that is sonically, about as beautiful as she. LADIES I MUST WARN YOU, this joint is “Panty-Dropper #1”, a smooth and delicate composition of genuine talent. The song “Jon B” captured my attention in presentation alone, but here’s the kicker. While multitasking between contacting our next feature(s) and scheduling dates with Ms. Sias, I played this track on repeat and it inevitably kept me interested the whole way (had to be about an hour, seriously). Soon enough the email was sent, and I got the opportunity to pay attention to the words.

Remember being intimately involved with a person, to where now, that intimacy is somewhat of a distant memory? Maybe a a year or so has passed since then, and suddenly the phone rings. “Nothing changed since the last time we left. I don’t know what I expected. This is sooner than expected… When you called me after I was working… You were thinking that you might not keep it, and asking me about your secret, and if’ I’d keep it… Hoping that they don’t catch us… Mem-or-ies, memories get easy to push aside”… 

…Now tell me this has never applied to you.

Abhi//Dijon is quite considerably some of the dopest RnB music I’ve heard in a while, and hopefully you feel the same.