Origin: Barry Allen (Turkey) / KT (West London)
Network: Soundcloud

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WEEKndAt the moment, KT and Barry Allen are my favorite combination of musical talent. There is just something to the heavy bass patterns in Barry Allen’s approach and the softness in KT’s voice, that blend together to transform into a genuine force. “Weeknd” gives a recollection of a “Fine-Wine Summertime” or maybe “Rum-Day right through Sunday” where big bottles and and miniskirts are essential. My GOD this track is catchy. Not like “Causing Meningitis from the over usage of a simple chorus” kind of catchy, but addictive in the feeling it gives you, and how grand it is to be simple at times. Now when you take this, and compare it to the last AFTA we featured KT and Barry Allen on HERE, you may just start to realize that these two should not be slept on. From Seattle, to Turkey, to West London CUTS rocks with these two amazing creatives.