Hello and welcome to CUTS’ first monthly article focused on commemorating some of the dopest forms of creativity we have featured. To be honest, I am humbled and genuinely appreciative to say that when we began our journey almost one month ago, none of you knew who we were. Creativity Under The Surface had not existed in the minds of anyone, and to say we don’t owe it all to those who have rocked with us would be a lie and a sin. We are the representation and the implementation of creativity, and this is the chance to connect with and experience artistic elements from sources you may not be familiar with. I can go on and on about how hard work and determination is key, but I’d much rather present to you the CUTS “Gems of August”.

First and foremost, I need to give credit as well to our Visual Director “True” (@truethevillain) over in Jersey City, NJ and our Washington-born Photographer, Mr. Ryan Summers (@pretendliving). These guys are the biggest support system for what we do, and without them, CUTS would not be the intricate platform it is for great artistry. Cheers to you two.



Gems of aug3

August Artist Of The Month x Philippe Edison

philippe edison

Scatta x NO MONEY

Shout-out to “Scatta” over in Jersey City who IMO, has one of the dopest ideas for music I’ve seen in a while. Chicago Juke with a Jersey Club twist? PLUS the video shows the origins of the Chicago Juke culture, with a beat to match, designed by Scatta himself. Already spinning at The Ace Hotel in Manhattan and LITM in Downtown Jersey City, soon enough you won’t have to ask who he is. @scatterbrainone


This man is the biggest article on CUTS to date. Seattle hair stylist and affluent barber “Stu” has come a long way from cutting hair at Earl’s barbershop at the outer points of Capitol Hill, to the “House of Gents” stationed in Downtown Seattle. Guaranteed, if you are ever traveling through Seattle and looking for a nice touch to the doo, Stu is the man to visit, and let him know CUTS sent you. @StuDoesHair Photo Cred. Ryan Summers.

The Emotions Open Mic

Photo Cred- Ryan Summers @pretendliving

I said it before, and I’ll say it again: ONE OF THE DOPEST SHOWCASES AROUND. The Emotions Open Mic is a “cut off the prime-rib” serving portions of the  Vancouver music scene. A gathering of talented emcees/vocalist/guitarist/comedians- and a rather elegant audience, The Belmont Bar houses an immense amount of artistry and is hosted by DJ Floetic (@mrfloetic) and Alan Hogan (@spidey_dboy). Contact Keisha Mcginn (@ochokeke) for more info.  @emotionsopenmic –Photo Cred. Ryan Summers

NY Has Hip-Hop x Danse Daimons

These essence of hip-hop was formed within the urban culture of mid 60’s New York. The ‘bang’ that gave birth to rap still resonates in the creative crafts of today’s east coast artists. One word for Danse: Undeniable. Truly an individual who knows how to hone in on his perspective, and optimize the opportunities that continue to be beneficial for his career. From Brooklyn to Italy, the only thing you can do is show respect. @BKLYNSTICKUP

Ms. IndyaMarie



A Pittsburgh born phenom with the features of an Egyptian Deity, Ms. IndyaMarie is a model gaining notoriety faster than Donald Trump can say “bankrupt”. The coolest thing about IndyaMarie is that she seems to remain humble even after she looks in the mirror. Call me crazy, but I could have sworn that “grounded” and “gorgeous” sat in two completely different realms. Cheers to not only an amazing human being, but also to a successful modelling career. @IndyaMarie


Vancouver’s Own Unknown x JuLS

juls cover


VanCity has been nothing but gracious to us as we began our journey. JuLS is one of those artists who you just KNOW will become an essential part of Vancouver artistry. Through solid tracks, “outside-the-box” perspective, and quality media content, there is little doubt in my mind that this dude is about to do something spectacular. A CUTS Favorite and bearer of incredible potential, JuLS has solidified himself with the CUTS Team for sure. @julsGLG

Thank you to those with extreme creative capability, and also to those with a rooted fundamental interest. Keep in touch, and we’ll do the same. -The CUTS Team


September Artist Of The Month

@ 9pm EST/ 6pm PST

Nems Gem