Safety Off Tha Chill Button


There is an ironclad concept developed back in early 90’s NY, that to consider yourself an “MC” was not only a respectable thing, but a powerful title. Being the illest rapper from a certain borough had nothing to do with platinum plaques or record sales. If you were proclaimed the “Dopest in Brooklyn” it didn’t matter if you were rollin’ a dubb in Flatbush, or rolling dice on Nostrand Ave–  best believe other rappers who thought they too were the dopest in Brooklyn would be looking to get at you with bars. But when you say stuff like…

“Yah n*ggas buns (ass) school you as a chump baby/ Woulda rocked you but ya moms was the lunch lady- then you did a one-eighty, thinkin’ you tough/ Cuz you was on probation, had to piss in a cup/ You a f*ckin’ asshole, take d*ck in the butt/ Real thug n*ggas listen to us, because we live the shit/ Yall niggas idiots, ridiculous, clitoris/ I listen to ya shit and think this n*gga can’t be serious.” –No Chill Button

…the only thing you can do is be embarrassed because your moms, indeed… was the Lunch Lady.

Gorilla Nems

Gaining recognition at NYC’s Battle Rap Platform “Fight Klub”, Gorilla Nems has been endangering rap careers for many years to follow. Nems is more than just a malicious eater of beats. He is the epitomic representation that cuts the “Emcees Who Battle Rap Cant Make Tracks” argument into confetti. His style at the core entangles an insistent delivery with aggressive punch lines, that can actually be quite comical when visualized, but trust, it ain’t no joke- “…Smack you with a skateboard make you face-plant…Don’t ever come outta ya face fam. I’ll smack ya main man outta them space jams. Im a made man… GORILLA NEMS” –Welcome FT. King Mean

Gorilla Nems has incorporated himself with the slogan FYL (F*ck Your Lyfe) along with a team following the same suit. From On-Air freestyles with Statik Selektah, to joint ventures with Danse Daimons and BKLYNSTICKUP, Nems has been hammering away at the game with quality and consistency. Pertaining to records, he has recently released a series of projects entitled “Planet of the Apes” categorized by “Natural Elements” of the world.

When it comes to East Coast artistry and specifically NY talent, there are few and far between an emcee with the skill, wholeness, and power of Gorilla Nems.

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