The Holy Land of recordings from creative masterminds gifted us with roots for the soil. It does not matter if you are sleepy in Seattle, or Straight Outta London- New York is the direction you point the “Rap Janamaz” and pay respect to the Mecca of Hip-Hop. You see, Grandpa is only around 42-44 years old, so if these young bucks keep getting out of line on him, he might hit you with that Old Man Strength (and no one will call the “Amber-Lamps”). To think that no “good music” is coming from the East Coast, is a self-perpetuating idea to where people only talk about the bad stuff, and no one seems to truly appreciate the dope stuff. Obviously the Uber driver is drunk, and GPS will never assist you in finding the gems. So hop on in, and let us show you around.

The Sound of Brooklyn.

“To tell a tree its leaves are beautiful, sheds light on its roots Magnificence”

The South Bronx bears credit to hip-hop’s birth, but the wildfire that spread across the surrounding areas will forever simmer. Brooklyn in particular, has added great significance to the art of hip-hop and continues to develop incredible talent for the manifesto. Flatbush representative and lyrical genius Danse Daimons, is a tried-and-true element of artistic perspective and intelligent design. In fact, his entire camp at BKLYNSTICKUP is a collective of devoted entrepreneurs with a branded networking niche. Danse’s style is a mixture of hard-pressed lyricism and intellectual intensity. His resume is grounded in opportune moments that have paved the floor for his artistry to parade on. From the Manhattan powerhouse venue SOB’s, all the way to his recent travels to Italy, Danse “Dimes” carries his city along with him.

From his early project “MK-Ultra” (album cover cred to Chase Trav of 6thBoro), up to his most recent self-entitled EP, the progress forward has been a profound feat. To incorporate entities such as clothing brand Villainous New York, and bar-for-bar monster Nems, has added value to the grafted concentration of NY talent. It can never be stressed enough that if a strong team can push the worst rappers forward, imagine the results behind a rapper with proper potential. Danse and his manager “Busy” (which is the exact name I’d want my manager to have) continue to navigate towards success, so to say no good hip-hop lives on the ground GREAT hip-hop was literally created from, might be the worst thing I’ve heard since Dallas dropped Demarco Murray. Say what you want about the East Coast, but one thing that should be quite clear is that NY Has Hip-Hop.

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