AFTA x DJ Floetic

Album: The Apple Turnover vol. 4
Origin: Vancouver, BC
AFTA BannerFloetic

The Law of Floetics

Tradition lays the foundation for repeated advancement. The 1’s-and-2’s started after the funk-and-blues, transformed into guns-and-shoes, drugs-and-booze; and now we’re back to the fun. The “Apple Turnover Vol.4” by DJ Floetic is a collection of new school rap and classic hip-hop, blended into one unified piece of perfection. The project begins with a pitch-shift intro, reminiscing of a past binging experience in the life of DJ Floetic and transitions into a clean and seasoned medley from one of Vancouver’s elite DJ’s.

A selection of modern day artistry? CHECK. A corresponding addition of our favorite “Straight Outta Compton” contemporaries? CHECK. Some brand new funky sh*t for your eardrums? CHECK.  And of course…

 The Dynasty Boys are ALWAYS in the building.