SYGU x Ghost

SYGU Ghost

Chopped and Screwed UP

His last single was brilliantly entitled, “Donkey”.


Fostering an artist name so original, as soon as I typed “G” into Google his website, videos, and track-listing popped up instantly…  An artist name so rich and true to his persona, that he now rolls with an entity called “Livin” Legend Studios. An entity that by title alone, truly embodies his pure artistic expression. All the livin’ a ghost does can really take a toll but in this track, Ghost comes back from the dead to lets us know “He’s Good”… and he’s for damn sure eating. From the booth to the streets, Ghost floods the block with horror movie beats and ‘Chopped and Screwed’ choruses that have never ever EVER been tried over the past 40+ years hiphop has existed…

                Me: “Hey Ghost you ain’t no good at rapping thoooo”

                Ghost: “Yah mama say I’m good.”

                Crowd: “OHHHHHHHHHHHH”

                Ghost: (Hmm maybe I’m on to something here…)

 Press play, and you shall understand what all this means… Not that you’d necessarily want to.

Ghost x I’M GOOD