AFTA x Jazz

Song: Insane (Prod. SHAHid tha 13th)
Origin: NJ
Album: N/A

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What’s Up With AllThaaatJazz?

Jazz contentEgo aside, I must say that my home state of NJ is in complete control of a certain sonic approach–an approach to music that blends a sense of power with passion, and genuinely resonates throughout an entire urban culture. Jazz however, bends the laws of rugged conquest by filtering a hardcore’d section of rap music with a freshly beautified outlook. With the assistance of SHAHid tha 13th on the pad-n-keys, Jazz embellishes the rough persona of NJ by simply keeping that organic  ferocity, but using her personal touch to alter the waves.

Jazz content 2

I enjoyed listening to “Insane” on both a cosmetic and expressive level. With a bouncy piano riff, drowning snare, and steady kick pattern, the instrumentation itself gleams of Caribbean Coconut Oil- smooth and purposeful. The context in the song however is that of apologetic resentment, balancing itself between “Being taken advantage of” in a relationship, and simply wanting nothing else to do with the wrongdoer, “Thought I told you I was hot and cold. I let it go it don’t matter no mo’. But don’t you try coming at me once more. Cuz if you play me one time, you’ll do it once more.”

“Insane” is about being smart when someone pulls the bullsh*t, and letting them know that because of their stupidity, in a few months they’ll learn they’ve made a terrible mistake.

The Saddest Day of My Life is when you didn’t hit play…