Nineteen Red, Shots All Around…

Whenever they air a TV series entitled “When Professionalism Goes Beyond Expectation”, you will see Juls with his USB Drive Albums, A Portfolio full of professional photos, Rapport with various sites in the U.S. and CAN on his resume, Live Performance cred, and Professionally Filmed Videos- all on the first episode, GUARANTEED.

Properly placed and with timely execution; adamantly cohesive with a solid body of work; creatively packaged and delivered with brilliance- Rapper” Juls”, along with Producer “Evekey”, created a track called “Crossword” that I had previously mentioned on a review we did on the album “Vancouver’s Own Unknown”. Instead of just sound waves, I was invited this time to experience the visual side of Juls and his camp. This time he incorporates elements of Dance and Color-Based Symbolism  to interpret the words he has created. It is more of a Theatrical Performance, than it is a “Music Video” and quite honestly, looks as if a few like minded people came together to produce raw imagery. Rather it be workmanship or craftsmanship, Juls is setting the standards high for everyone.


Filmed by Lightbulb Media (
Directed by Julien Herras (
Solo Choreography by
Group Choreography by
Performed by
Clothing by
Misenas Esplana (
Produced by
Mixed & Mastered by