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Whether it’s with a 5D Mark II, a Canon T4i, a GoPro, Iphone6, or a straight up Polaroid, you better duck because- HE WILL SHOOT. I am glad and humbled to introduce you to our In-House Photographer, Ryan Summers. From NotSummers.com, through his clothing line “Pretend Living”, all the way down to the CUTS Archives, Summers is a force not to be reckoned with.


Ryan Summers is a Washington-Born artist, taking his first breaths in a small town called Mukilteo. A self-made entrepreneur, professional photographer, and newly found friend of mine, Ryan finds his creative elements within the realm of Real-Life Still Shots that capture special moments for all to remember. The palette used represents memorable experiences that reside in daily functions, but add a touch of character through an artistic perspective.

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If there’s anything in the world I value in a colleague, its consistency.  Working with Ryan on projects like Stu Does Hair (to which I called him a few hours before the shoot) and Emotions 9.0, he truly understands the meaning behind networking for growth. Not only does he capture the moment, but he tends to find a way to become a part of the moment as well, letting us know that he’s not just the representation, but also the implementation of a creative consciousness.

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We are truly honored to have such a foundational partner to help capture the creativity amongst us. If life is about experiences, then there should always be a way to catch it- as to live it again later in life. When you think you have the talent to embrace the actual essence of a point in time with precise excellence, you can take a look at what Ryan does and realize, you just ain’t there yet. From the CUTS team, we celebrate not only the craft that Ryan professes, but also the immense strength he brings to our purpose. Cheers to you.

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For networking opportunities with Ryan Summers please email Pretendliving@gmail.com  
To keep up with Ryan Summers visit @Pretendliving and NotSummers.com