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JJ and K

JJakobs 1You don’t need to be striving towards artistic success to be creative. It’s an even better deal when that creativity brings you closer to the one you love. In today’s world, we focus our attention on subjects with the most views or most “likes” and remain totally oblivious to the smaller, sweeter details of life. Sometimes we must look around and appreciate the creative elements that exist amongst us.

Jorden Jakobs is a Seattle local that completely encompasses the gift of such truths. I spotted Jorden and her significant other, Kizhan, snapping pictures in Downtown Seattle and was rather curious to what was going on. Ms. Jakobs is an absolute work of art. A true peach wrapped in elegant cloth, Jorden bears the epitomic resemblance of uniqueness with a passion and lifestyle to match. Members of an artistic community and strong affiliates of the LGBT movement, both Kizhan and Jorden express their crafts in photography and modeling with no intentions to be the JJakobs 4next “big thing”. That’s the core of what CUTS is: Being authentic with no one true motive, but challenging artistic standards through passionate means. These two are the humility within a rather pretentious culture, which extends further than the art itself. The added notion that Jorden and Kizhan use photography to enhance their relationship, is something special in its own rite. Live Free, Love Life, and Support Your Local Artists.

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