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Indya Marie

The sensuality of eurhythmics has truly been embodied within Ms. Indya Marie. In other words, “Damn girl… you sho’ is fine!” There is a certain elegance to such truths however. Well proportioned and laced in diamond and ink, Indya ignites an entire spectrum of photographic excellence. Dabbling in both the Lifestyle and Lingerie fields of modeling Ms. Marie is a prime representation of World-Class artistry.

Gin and Juice

Indya MarieIf there was ever any evidence of a god who loves us, Indya Marie is it. The admiration behind her prestige renders attractive an understatement. With katana-thin eyes cutting your hopes to confetti, her provocative demeanor lightly blankets the traits of her organic exquisiteness. There are two things that place Indya atop a grand echelon. For one, she gives off a sense of adorable ferocity;  As angelic as the soft tones in her face may seem, they also carry a bit of bite to them allowing her to conform to a wide range of protocol. Secondly, she has the body type of a Greek sculpture.

The True Work of Art is but a Shadow of the Divine Perfection – Michelangelo

Indya MarieIndya Marie is the advanced version of an already advanced version, of the girl next door. Seriously, it is the simplicity attributed to the display of a model that truly captures the eye.  Indya has it all from sex appeal, style, and a nose cuter than the buttons on a one-zee. Show me a flaw, and I’ll show you a liar. Aside from all the racy TNA shots that harbor in the minds of fiends, CUTS sees gold for more than just it’s fine edges. If there was ever an answer to what Keeping the Art, By Being the Art truly means, Indya Marie… you are it.