The first time I experienced any of Juls’ music was at the Emotions Open Mic 9.0 back in July. Photographer Ryan Summers and I had just finished covering the event, and ran into Juls outside of the venue.  We chatted about the show for a quick second, and then handed us a copy of his album- you know, the Business Card/USB one

Juls album

I’ve seen one other of these types of albums back in Manhattan a couple of years ago, and had the exact same thoughts when I seen Juls’ copy- “This is how you invest in innovative ways”. However, if you are anything like me, the first time you listen to new albums (especially underground stuff) you scan it with a browsing mind. Nine times out of ten, I direct a nonchalant attitude towards new projects until something catches. Not something catchy per se, but something that waves at my ears. For “Vancouver’s Own Unknown”, the elite presentation of the album/having already seen Juls perform “What Up” and “We Could Fly”, had provided me further incentive to give it quite the attention.

Juls x Vancouvers Own Unknown

Photography by Ryan Summers @pretendlivingHearing Juls on an actual record opened my eyes to a few things. First off, dude can rap. Secondly, in a very keen way, “Vancouver’s Own Unknown” portrays the vices and trials of personal and societal experiences. For instance, “Crossword” speaks on the evils of chasing fortune, and the destructiveness of society’s idolism of money- “What we pay for? Living through pain for that paper… For the lotto, betting the kids birthdays, bet the f*ckin’ house (bet the f*ckin house), 5 across and 10 Down. 19 red, shots all around. 13 Hits, hearts sinking down… Ironic sh*t, risking it all for this moment, well that’s life I guess…”. Playing poker on a Semi-Pro level for the past 4 years, I have seen people blow everything for the high of an insignificant win. Life at its core is risk vs. reward so Juls was SPOT ON.


Juls bandcampAlong with the vivid spotlighting of the evils amongst us, the personal aspects to the art are by far even more intriguing. The “CUTS Selected Track” off the album, “Oasis”, sheds light on a self-destructive period in his life- “Couldn’t walk words, couldn’t talk straight. Thoughts were delayed, thought were reversed in my mind I was hurt but I numbed all touch, so to not give a f*ck about the world.” As soon as the chorus drops, you’ll realize how personally in depth the project gets. For that alone, we appreciate what Juls has done.

Juls x OASIS

Artists, Take Note…

The impression you want to leave in any artistic genre, is one of cohesiveness. Having all content available and well packaged are huge areas to cover, aside from the task of being dope to begin with. “Vancouver’s Own Unknown” is a well-oiled piece of machinery, and for that we rocks with it. Precise, Concise, and Done Right- From the States through the Gates, much love.


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