No Money, No Problems

Scatta x No Money Album Release

The power of influential mediums can exonerate localized inspiration. Ideas that transcend from artistry to artist can manifest itself from a distant source, resulting in a hodgepodge of traditional and unfamiliar elements. Try this: Imagine an East Coast (NJ) producer who’s sound is inspired by Chicago Juke and Footwork, but woven together by the gritty silk of Jersey Club music…


Surely at some point you have seen dancers catching the meanest footwork via the web or in person. The art behind having rhythmically swift feet started at the skating rinks of Chicago, where groups would perform choreography-based sets in competition with each other.¬†Scatta gravitates towards the same musical rhythms and pace that associates itself with Juke, in turn giving his city an unorthodox genre of music to partake in. His new project entitled “No Money” is a conglomerate of ideas in the leanest form, ranging from remixes, guest appearances, and other featured musicians.

Scatta CoverNo Money is a project that should be grasped under a certain mind state. The sound itself is on the more abstract side of the ear, however, the material is well constructed and boasts as a definitive representation of Chicago Juke and Footwork productions. As I listened to the album piece-by-piece I really enjoyed the quirky sounds that float around the tracks, expanding the music a bit further and polishing the rougher sides of certain beats. The music reserves itself as “ambidextrous”: Easy enough to vibe to, but on par enough to bust out the Reebok Pumps and do the Roach Stomp 5000.

When I asked Scatta if there was anything special he would like in the article he responded, “Yeah…


To Listen/Download “No Money”, click the LINK