So today, I made the mistake of taking out one of my headphones because I felt a presence lingering to my right. Immediately I was in a “Can you spare some change” situation. I nicely responded with “nah dude chill”, and kept it moving. “Well can you spare a cigarette then?” At this moment I realized the disguise of this dumb ass question. He was a coordinator of marketing bum. An “on the fly cool guy with the words” bum. How the f*ck he ask for change, get a “nah bruh”, and then ask for a product that I’d straight up give someone a dollar for? Matter of fact, I think it’s downright disrespectful to try and hand someone three dusty ass quarters or less for a cigarette. Those sticks are worth at least eighty cents; fifty for the price and thirty for the added benefits. Man, the jangling of capitalistic America in my pocket is not worth the handing over of a quiet puff of freedom. It should be against the law for someone to ask you to part with a one of twenty, knowing another box of twenty is going to cost damn near ten dollars. Unless we are engaged in a ‘cigarette lending contract’, I’m not liable, nor indulgent of such acts, or opportunities, that come along with charitable donations of eighty cents- you ain’t curing the cancer of children muh’fugga. I put my headphone back in my ear and ignored the question, pulled my pack out of my pocket and had two left. Damn, I could have shared this moment with him.