The Stylistics of Buzz-and-Blade.

It takes years to obtain the ability to empower the entire presentation of another with the flip of a switch. Many tend to be unappreciative of the skillful measures that go into crafting what is literally, a person’s first impression. Underneath all the ball caps and fedoras lies a reflective portrayal of character that can range from all volumes. In this business, some people are shaved by the inexperienced metal of goblins, while others are touched by the blades of gods.

What better place to write an article about a barber than a publication called CUTS. Although expert barber and affluent stylist Stu rises from the PNW- where technical training reigns supreme, his approach has added an extra strength to his skill. Being from the East Coast- where trial-and-error reigns supreme, I quickly noticed that while his technique was classically sound, Stu’s style was glittered with that same raw, experiential talent as those from my home state of NJ. His technique is evenly personalized and educated- adhering to the undergone formal training, but veering away from a cookie cutter finish.

There are few and far between a record of talent as good as Stu. From the Man Bun to the Crispy Hi-Top to the Slick Back Gel Finale, you are in good hands. A click of the buzz, a swipe of the straight-edge, and one hot towel to the face, and you’ll be ready to smile for the camera. Stu is the prime example of making the art yours by implementing skill and talent correctly. Remember to keep your mind open, and your blades sharpened.

Cheers to an Amazing Barber.

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