Song: 24k
Origin: Jersey City, NJ

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Mikey IcebergHere’s the thing. When I think about my hometown Jersey City, I think of a place where talent grows. A city where the streets you’ve never heard of, are full of people who dabble in raw craft. “24K” manifests itself in a style that may seem unorthodox to the PNW and West Coast as a whole, but trust and believe, that boy Mikey Iceberg is straight ill. This is a holy slab of dope eradicated from the treasure chest of Marcellin Champagnat. From the East Coast to the West, Support Our Local Artists.

“Bars at ya neck like a bad rep. Cant finish what you started? Bad Set. Watch his words choke em out. I just showed the world you ain’t working out. Ironically I’m a fat n*gga. But at least I know I’m THAT N*IGGA.”