Song: Kooda Love Dreams
Album: Insight from the Blinded
Origin: New York

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namgawd 2This track is a certified cut from the flank of dopeness. Since synths and boombap were created they were destined for marriage, but of course, the emcee has to be able to catch that shit. Namgawd put his ankle in it! “See where I’m from, n*ggas cop all their home movies from Kooda. Old head, well known man from where I grew up” starts the journey of Namgawd’s childhood rendition, and ends with a twist. The art of storytelling has become a minimized area of rap (excluding Kendrick), so when I hear a song like this I appreciate it.

I’ve listened to a few of Namgawd’s tracks, and don’t be surprised if he becomes our “AOTM” in the near future. An East Coast representative too?!?! What up NY?!