SYGU x Young Jody

You know it must be a real celebration when we nominate you for the first “Step Your Game Up” thread. For those who don’t know, “SYGU” is a “Roasting Session” that we devote to artists who need some refinement. I am a firm believer that if you have the ga-goozi’s to post your music for the entire PLANET to hear, you better be ready for when listening ears are unmoved. Some people might see it as hate or disrespect, but I see it as you need to STEP YO MUH’F*CKIN GAME UP if you plan on competing with literally EVERYTHING that’s out there. Your crew might be telling you the shit’s FIRE, but I’ll let you know what’s up… Along with every other article we publish, every feature gains an open two-way street to our Email to keep us updated on their progression and future projects. Who knows, maybe they take our criticism and run with it, becoming better as a result. But without further a due…

Step Your Game Up 3

Schizophrenic Phonetics 

I’m not sure if I’m hearing gentle whispers in the night, or the mic picked up voices from a man’s head during a break up, but that chorus… son. The only thing worse would be…to add….Auto..Tu… Ah f*ck it. There were parts that I thought were completely done in Swahili , and the English parts were drenched over in cottonmouth. The chorus says your going places- the schizo-voices say you’re not going anywhere- The beat says you’re making terrible career decisions, I mean wtf. And after all that, you still never let me know how you feel 🙁 Please…just….getdafuggout. This is terrible.

Press Play and let us all know how you feeeeeel.

Young Jody x HOW I FEEL