AFTA x Mattic

Song: Here Comes Time
Album: The Abstract Convention
Origin: North Carolina

AFTA Banner

Mattic coverWHOAAAA. How could people not have heard this already? “…We on that overhead sedated, In the lab faded while the city light up, so elevated in my rabbit hole I keep it animated. Look at ya watch and you will find…”. “Here Comes Time” is hands-down a fine work of art, and should be added to music libraries everywhere. This piece is well balanced and essential for any hip-hop head to listen to. Head knock beat? Check. Dope flow? Check. Dope rhymes? Check.You must struggle to read the newspaper if you think this joint is wack on any level…

 You know a song is good when you’re captured by the initial instrumentation, and still anticipate the next portion of the track after the chorus drops. As of recent, Mattic has embarked on a journey with a group called “Empire of Sound”, but the debut project is still in the works…