SYGU x Christina ur Barbie

Step Your Game Up 1 real
When Trying to Be Sexy Won’t Help

Somebody give this chick a coat. If this is the next evolution for music I would say “release the trigger” on me too, but I have a hunch that she means getting nutted on so please, don’t. Although, I think if this song had a video it would be a lot better… Of course they would have to film a combination of bald guys head-butting each other to death and Mugsy Bogues windmill-dunking a dead cat, but, better.  What genre of music is this again? Rated R for Retarded. Sad part is,  if you listen to the verses they’re as freaky as freaky gets. But damn, that voice tho, noooooooo. Sorry mama, we love you but you absolutely have to Step Your Game Up! Oh and Step Your NAME Up too. Seriously.

Christina ur Barbie x HELP GET YOU BIGGER