Jazz boombap

There is something in the water for sure. In almost every genre of music known to man, there is a Texas representative putting in work. In this case, Houston, TX has birthed the smooth introduction of a Jazz-Hybrid. A seasoned saxophonist reveling inside of a drum-kit and keys, Philippe Edison defines the sound of smooth boom-bap. The drum patterns are well suited for the head nod, but the samples are from the same year they assassinated Malcolm.  So don’t be surprised if your grandmother breaks a hip trying to catch the footwork.

(Warren Xclnce and Philippe Edison x SENTIMENT)


phil edison playerResurrecting works of art from the late-great pianist Ramsey Lewis and Jazz Icon John Coltrane, Edison directs his focus on the pure essence of production. This is the hiphop form of chemistry where mixing HAZMAT  and excessive heat is needed to get that neck-break byproduct. Edison sparked the Bunsen burner for the first time with his debut EP “Just To See Her” at the tail end of 2013. Fresh off the bat, he released a collection of tracks the following month entitled “Revived Vol.2” dedicated to  NJ born pianist and band mate to Miles Davis, Mr. Bill Evans.  Since Philippe’s last project “Love Advocate I&II” in March of 2014, he has released a multitude of single tracks and remixes, but never dedicating material to one specific body of work.

souletiquettePhilippe Edison also resides as a group member of “Souletiquette” alongside AFTA Feature and a CUTS favorite, Barry Allen. Edison blends a fruitful addition to the culture through a branded technique of tranquility. The product is fundamentally sound, allowing it to appeal to a multitude of acquiring minds, and essentially battling the status quo. This stuff is for Jazz-Heads, Beat-Heads, HipHop-Heads, Blues-Heads, Your Head, and My Head- and it deserves to be treated as such.

We welcome Mr. Philippe Edison as our first Artist Of The Month.

Philippe Edison x MOTHER NATURE’S SON