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I am in a very particular mood today… Why do people represent authenticity amidst insincere motives? Sometimes I feel like it’s me. As if some bad brand of ignorance has blinded me to social cues of disinterest. If you don’t want to be involved in something, don’t pretend to be.  It seems to be a mixture of courteous colloquialisms and unintentional direction that spews from the mouths of many; a regal enchantment of pleasantries that lack both ambition and courtesy. It makes you understand the successful a bit more. You get to see firsthand why the people who rely on few to none, gain anything they desire. In a way, it magnifies the love for those who would break their necks to do what they can for you.  Having any quality of reliability around you makes the difference between being two steps ahead, or playing the proverbial catch-up game. A shake in tone or broken postural direction during a conversation, can collectively speak volumes higher than the sound traveling to your ears.

Like poker, sometimes we have to not only be able to spot inconsistencies between representation and fact, but once we have made the distinction, we must act accordingly.

There is a plague of politeness that blankets our society, calling for us to recognize conversational ambiguity. There are a vast many that would hate to incorporate someone into their beloved plans and get told a clean-cut “no”, so instead of simply “no-ing” others they display a notion of interest instead of their true indifference. Maybe I’m just being some self-proclaimed prick who thinks he knows something, but time and time again I realize how good I’ve been getting at using the information from the whole display, rather than just the commentary.

An Idiot is someone who repeats the same action, thinking it will produce different results

I’ve gained a lot of experience by repeatedly rushing people into my valuable time. The person saying something will never be stronger than the person doing something; so when a person is saying something, pay attention to what they’re doing. Have the idea in your head, but let them prove to be true to their words or not. After a while you’ll notice the people who do well in life have a tendency to stay true in life (To whatever it is), and the opposite goes for Those Who Fall Through. Peace