An Artistic Night in Vancouver

Displays of talent from the depths of creative minds have taken over Downtown Vancouver. This is a seamlessly orchestrated composure of artistic expression. An encapsulation of skill, gift wrapped by a cast of keen coordinators and trustworthy audience members. Ryan and I had the opportunity to be a part of one of the dopest showcases running to date… The Emotions Open Mic Experience.

Every last Sunday of the month, there are unique elements radiating from the underground venue- The Belmont Bar. Descending stairs led us straight to the bar, to which I asked for a pen… and might have had a beer. The space is brilliantly designed under intimately dimmed lighting that creates a sense of comfort the second you enter. Dipped between red velvet and classic brick, I met with Jason aka “DJ Floetic” who is one of the coordinators (as well as a host for the event), and was quickly introduced to his business colleagues Allen and Keisha. Ryan and I chatted it up with Jason and Keisha for a bit before the doors opened, ultimately trying our best to not interrupt the preparations. As people started entering the building, each of us immediately turned into “work-mode” and got focused for the show.

To be honest, I’ve never seen so many beautiful people at a showcase before. Whether that is attributed to Emotions or Vancouver as a whole, is beyond me. As the crowd began to flow into the venue, I could not help but notice the groups of well dressed individuals attempting to claim the closest available seats to the stage. I remember telling Ryan “Yo, this sh*t is going to be crazy, there’s so many people”, who unlike us, were well acquainted with the shows potential. Jason brought us a couple of brewski’s as DJ Drukskee (Dee-Ruk-Skee) dropped a couple of classic gems, and soon enough, I received a list of the artists performing and the house band was kicking off the event.

The body of the show was massive. There were so many shades of expertise ranging from the common beautiful voice, to the seasoned performing artist. There were acoustic guitarists bellowing sounds of the soul, rappers singing rock music, rockers singing rap music, comical performances by local comedians, plus a Featured Artist of the night. Allen and Jason would get on stage between performances and joke around with the crowd right before introducing the next act, and literally EVERYONE showed so much love to each other.  I found myself caught between work-and-play; enjoying the experience as a viewer, but consciously aiding Ryan in capturing such a significant moment in time.Photography done by Ryan SummersPhotography done by Ryan SummersPhotography done by Ryan SummersPhotography done by Ryan SummersPhotography done by Ryan SummersPhotography done by Ryan Summers

To say we were impressed would be an understatement. As the last and Featured Artist, Kustom finished up his set, the crowd was still there. They were still clapping at the end of songs, and attentive as if the show had just begun. Afterwards as the crew cleaned up, I ran into Allen who reiterated info of an after-party whom Jason had mentioned to me earlier on. He bought Ryan and I a couple of shots and handed us two tickets, insisting we come to the after-party. We gathered up all of our gear, trekked back to The Westin, freshened up, and headed to what turned out to be an insane Caribbean dance party.


Yo on the real, much love to The Belmont Bar and all of the Emotions Open Mic affiliates. The CUTS Team came out with a networking purpose, and got to meet some of the chillest artists and entrepreneurs Vancouver has to offer. We are furthermore excited to announce that CUTS will be featuring Emotions on Oct. 25th, to commemorate the team on one year of success. See you guys soon.


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