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Kia Nicole context pic 2Most conceptions on what beauty truly is, tend to be a bit obscure. The cosmetology behind perfecting a woman’s features should be apparent however, there should be a point where the natural beauty of a woman works independently from the interpretive polishing. To have the feeling that a model displays features that simply cannot be replicated, adds another level of appreciation to her craft.  Although there are many levels to classify the attractive, Ms. Kia Nicole displays exactly the type of beauty I’m talking about: Distinctive physical features that exist outside the powdering, toning, and blending. She looks relatable, reminiscent of a pretty girl you went to school with that you heard was now modeling, and it was always a plus that she was pretty chill.

The Divinity of Sheer Beauty, is Rarely Exalted

Kia Nicole additional photo

…but once it is found, rejoice in it.

There are certain characteristics that make Kia malleable in a sense. She gleams of gold within a provocative capture, but shines equally as bright amongst a conventional style. Props to the photographer(s) as well, the photos successfully capture a multitude of significances that allow Kia to display it’s as “Simple as being simple”. They excluded the oversaturated blankets of lace and sensitive focusing of Kia’s physique. By eliminating an erotic touch, we are truly able to celebrate Kia as a whole. We are lucky to have you, and honored to spotlight you on our first ever KABBA post…

Keeping the Art, By Being the Art.


Music Video Featuring Kia Nicole

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